mmfa classCuratorial Dreaming workshops are tailored for specific groups, institutions, and subject matter.  A workshop requires at least two hours, ideally taking place “in-situ.”

In some instances, participants do prepatory tasks before the  the workshop.  In others, workshops are divided between analysis of an exhibition and creating responses to it. Tasks are carefully guided, to ensure focus and self-awareness regarding decisions.

Workshops end with a debriefing session, where the goal is to both consolidate accomplishments and to analyze unresolved predicaments and divergent curatorial strategies.

A visual and textual record of a Curatorial Dream workshop can be provided to participants, if desired.

The starting point for any Curatorial Workshop is a conversation about your professional, community, scholarly, or pedagogical needs, goals, and orientation. Guidelines for privacy, consent, dissemination and so on, are also collaboratively established beforehand.