Downloading Nagasaki

How do we “DOWNLOAD” information and emotion of mass destructions?

presentation by Shinpei Takeda

Co-sponsored by the Canada Research Chairs in Post-Conflict Studies (Concordia) and Latin American History (Univ. of Montreal)

Thursday, April 1 2010, 12-1pm
Room LB 1014 (History Department Seminar Room)

Drawing from his 5 years of research with Japanese Atomic Bomb survivors living in north and south America, Shinpei Takeda will speak about his work as a documentary filmmaker, as an ethnographer, and as a visual artist which include his process of “listening” to the oral stories of the survivors and his findings from “application” of the information, the emotion, the story and the history. His various visual works will highlight his inner mechanism of DOWNLOADING Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Shinpei Takeda Bio: Based in Tijuana, Mexico, his works include a wide range of themes regarding memories and history. He uses multi-media installations, video projection, documentary films, large-scale photography installations, community collaborative projects in various contexts.

Center for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence