New Blog Post: Museum Openings at CSRG

“It is up to all of us to approach the CMHR this way ā€“ as a catalyst to renewed engagement with the world around us, and a forum for taking action on injustices in our midst. Members of our various communities bring with them a range of experiences including deep and intimate knowledge of painful histories that may (or may not) be on display at the CMHR. We must see ourselves, and be seen by the museum, as essential partners in contributing to and challenging its representations of human rights. It is in this spirit that we call on the public to help the museum rise to its higher mandate.”

Erica Lehrer (Director, CEREV) and Angela Failler (Cultural Studies Research Group, University of Winnipeg), have written a piece for the CSRG website in which they reflect on the newly-opened Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

CEREV affiliates joined members of the CSRG in Winnipeg recently for Museum Openings: Caring for Difficult Knowledge Within and Beyond the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which formally kicked off CEREV’s partnership with the group.

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Center for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence