Provoking memories (or how my research advances through situated, performative, collaborative acts of social analysis)

Brown Bag Presentation

Wednesday, September 12th 2012, 12-1pm
EV 11-705, Hexagram Resource Centre

CEREV student affiliate Florencia Marchetti will be doing a presentation as part of the Hexagram-Concordia Research-Creation Brown Bag Series.

In this presentation, Florencia will offer an overview of her project’s methodological approach, discussing her take on anthropology as experimental practice, and showcasing instances of her work, which combines ethnographic and archival research, the production of audio/visual media, and the facilitation of what she calls situated, performative, collaborative acts of social analysis.

Florencia Marchetti is an ethnographer and documentary artist currently pursuing a PhD in Humanities at Concordia.

Hexagram-Concordia Research-Creation Brown-Bag Series
Weekly, Wednesdays from 12-1pm

As the processes and practices of research-creation develop, numerous questions arise for students whose work both incorporates research-creation and contributes to its evolution. This lunchtime series includes ontological, methodological, and epistemological discussions, addressing how artistic practices create knowledge as well as what the notion of research-creation encompasses, among other topics. Initiated as an effort to strengthen graduate student participation in Hexagram, the talks will take place Wednesdays at noon and are open to all those who wish to explore such questions, share their work, further exchange, and collaborate with the larger community.

For more information, contact either of the series coordinators: David Szanto ( or Florencia Marchetti (

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