American Anthropological Association annual meeting introduces Installations!




CEREV’s pioneering efforts reverberate in larger disciplinary structures:

2013 AAA Annual Meetings – Call for Installations
Proposals Due: April 15, 2013

Installations (a remix and rebirth of “InnoVents” and “Salons”
introduced to the AAA Annual Meetings program in recent years) invite
anthropological knowledge off the beaten path of the written
conference paper. Like work shared in art venues, presentations
selected as part of the AAA Installations program will draw on
movement, sight, sound, smell, and taste to dwell on the haptic and
engage AAA members and meeting attendees in a diverse world of the
senses. Presenters may propose performances, recitals, conversations,
author-meets-critic roundtables, salon reading workshops, oral history
recording sessions, new media projects and other alternative, creative
forms of intellectual expression for consideration.

Selected Installations will be curated for off-site exhibition and
tied to the official AAA conference program. Successful proposals will
offer attendees an opportunity to learn from a range of vested
interests not typically encountered or easily found on the traditional
AAA program. Installations are meant to disrupt who and what we tend
to see at the Annual Meetings, helping attendees encounter new people
and to do different kinds of things at the intersections of
anthropological arts, sciences, and cultural expression.


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