“Communicating/Informing Otherwise” – Trudeau Scholars’ workshop

On Friday, May 11th, CEREV will host the Trudeau Scholars‘ workshop “Communicating/Informing Otherwise: Creative, Affective, and Alternative Forms of Research Expression and Public Engagement.” The workshop intends to explore the ways that the Trudeau community experiences, understands and navigates alternative forms of expression in their own research engagements, including photography, video and film, creative writing, poetry, sound, dance and other performance-based art/research forms.

Such modes of “informing otherwise” have often emerged from researchers’ engagements with communities, ideas and/or knowledges that are underrepresented in mainstream academic work, and which demand the expression of new kinds of feelings or the taking of different sorts of actions than academic researchers have traditionally done. 20 Trudeau Scholars from across Canada, the US, and England, and representing disciplines disciplines including geography, ethnomusicology, anthropology, and sociology, will present artistic and creative works in the CEREV exhibition lab, and discuss their methodological, theoretical, ethical, creative, and/or practical implications.

Center for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence