Drawing from What Berel Bokser Said

Drawing from What Berel Bokser Said is an original, graphic novel treatment of the Holocaust testimony of Berel Bokser, created for Erica Lehrer’s 2009 course “Curating Difficult Knowledge” by Concordia University B.A. students Yesica Macias (History), Alex Wilson (History), Vaimoana Heyman (Anthropology), and Stephanie Glezos (History), with the assistance of Humanities and Philosophy Doctoral student Joanne Hui. Reflections on the Life of a Story is the group’s paper discussing their process of creative translation, in an effort to re-envision remembrance. It was presented at the interdisciplinary conference “Bearing Witness: Memory, Representation, and Pedagogy in the Post-Holocaust  Age,” held on April 11–13, 2010 at Shenandoah University in Virginia, co-sponsored by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. The group received particular kudos from both the director of the USHMM Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, and the director of the Fortunoff Video Archive at Yale University. Congratulations to them for their dedicated, introspective, creative work.

To read the graphic novel, click here.
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Posted by Erica Lehrer.

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