Reclaiming Hochelaga: Recovering Indigenous Identity



The site for our intervention is the Hochelaga National Historic Site of Canada, located in downtown Montreal and situated on McGill University. Our first goal is to create a clear and accessible path to the Hochelaga Rock. Furthermore, we wish to install a rotating art exhibition within the immediate vicinity that changes with the seasons. We often see the aboriginal community marginalized and their culture placed in opposition to the metropolitan norm. Our mandate is to address this and also focus on bringing attention to the historical site itself while also raising awareness on Indigenous contemporary culture. Our hope is to highlight, encourage, and expose aboriginal culture and heritage within the landscape of our modern society.
The Hochelaga Rock, its neglect, and its inaccessibility bring into question our societies neglect of aboriginal heritage and history. We live in a society that is historically founded on individuals who were forced from their homes and land, yet we fail to recognize or give credence to those who are now for the most part marginalized from society. We hope to give the aboriginal community a voice in claiming back their space and what once existed on the island of Montreal.

Kanien’keha:ka Onwawen:na Raotitiohka Language and Cultural Centre:

Jaime Black, The REDress Project:

Ryan Rice, “Oh So Iroquois”: